August 3, 2015: Purpose

What is the purpose of this blog? I had several goals in mind when I started this blog:

  1. To connect with other people who, like me, love to run, but are not necessarily gifted athletes. Just ordinary people striving to do extraordinary things.
  2. To share my truths; my goals, my dreams, and my struggles, in the hopes that maybe I can provide some inspiration to someone else who faces similar truths. I’ve drawn so much inspiration from other runners out in the world; this is my small way to pay it forward. And building on this, to share what works (and doesn’t work) for me – maybe someone could learn from my mistakes?
  3. To write everyday. Because everyday I am a runner, but I am also a writer. The difference? I actually get out there and run on a regular basis. I cannot say the same for writing.

I’ll cover everything I’ve learned about running, including training, fueling, gear, race experiences, dealing with injuries. But I’ll also include some honesty about my life; what good is my perspective if I’m not sharing exactly what is shaping that perspective?

If I’m successful, then 365 days from today I’ll have over 300 posts. I’ll have connected with somebody; I will have improved at least one person’s running experience. I will have learned at least one valuable lesson from another runner in the world.

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