August 6, 2015: Who reads this?

You are reading this because you find my writing amusing and approachable. You are a runner, you are a parent, you work full time (at home or in the office). You are part of Generation X and you embrace that. You are not religious; you might be agnostic (you are an atheist but you keep it mostly to yourself because you don’t want to get into a huge debate about it). Still, you are kind and compassionate, with or without religion. You like to drink, be it beer, wine, tequila (ding, ding, ding!), or some other liquor of choice. However you know to drink in moderation. You find that your definition of moderation has become much more relaxed as you move into mid-life.

She's got moxie!
She’s got moxie!

You are a geek or have geek tendencies; as a member of GenX you grew up embracing new technologies and found yourself an enthusiastic adopter of anything new. You do not long for a simpler time when televisions had dials and telephones had cords. You are an introvert; you like people and you like to socialize occasionally, but you need that alone time to recharge your battery. Often, that’s where running fits in well.

Your kids are anywhere from their early “tweens” to college-aged. Sometimes you want them to live at home forever. Sometimes you want them to move out tomorrow. Sometimes you are afraid they are going to be your future roommates, well into their 30s. You feel the world expected way more out of you as a parent than it did out of your parents. Nobody judged your parents for letting the television set babysit you. Or for leaving you home alone at age 12 for hours at a time. Your parents didn’t hover; they didn’t walk you to the park, stand no more than 20 feet away, and stare at you with eagle eyes as you slid, ran, and swung. But you have done that to your poor children, mostly out a combination of peer pressure and as a result of hearing John Walsh tell you how likely one of America’s Most Wanted will abduct your child if your eyes aren’t glued to them at all times.

You are not working in your dream job or career. You realize you’ll need to find personal fulfillment outside of your job, and you’ll have to settle for a decent paycheck as professional fulfillment. You are creative; you dreamed of having a job where you would use your artistic talents to transform the world. Or the organization. Or your community. Or a single other person (other than your family). You could be a writer. A photographer. A painter. A performer of some type. You might express your artistry through gardening. Cooking. Anything. You have a creative spark in you. And a bit of a smart-ass in you as well.

Most importantly, you’ve got moxie. You aren’t afraid of sweat. You like to push yourself, physically. You like to set goals, and you are inspired by others who set goals and go after them with a passion and a focus, regardless of whether or not they always achieve them. You aren’t athletically gifted, but you are determined to figure out just how athletic you are. How tough. How fast. How much endurance you have. How much pain you can take.

You are a “why not” person. You are me.

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