October 18, 2015: The New and Improved Boston 2017 Plan

I’ve decided to go for another, faster, BQ time. My target race? Mountains2Beach in May 2016. I’m also signing up for the Utah Valley Marathon in June 2016 as a back-up race, in case I want/need to take another stab. There are three weeks between the races, enough time to recover and still take advantage of the conditioning. I’m not up for two separate marathon training cycles.

On my run this morning I came up with this plan, and thought about the areas I’d like to work on before I begin formal marathon training next February.

Speed: Oh, man, oh, man. I need to get faster. My new goal time requires a pace of 8:35; my fastest marathon was run at an 8:50. Can I take 15 seconds per mile off my marathon pace? I would like to try. But I feel like I’ll need to train my brain as well as my legs; I think of 10:00 as a very relaxed pace, and 9:20 as my basic training¬†pace. Anytime I see an “8” in my pace I freak out – like I must be going way too fast. Once upon a time I never would have imagined a 9:20 to be a comfortable pace but eventually I got there. I need to do the same with the “8” paces. I know how to do speedwork to get my legs there; I also want to get my mind there as well.

Strength/Cross Training: Yuck. I’m not a strength training fan. Or a cross training fan. I tried to do strength training while training for Santa Rosa but it left my legs sore for key running workouts, so I dropped it (since I hate them anyways it was easy to drop). But since I have 3-4 months before I begin marathon training again, it would be a good time to take that up again. I might even take a spin class.

Weight loss: This is big. I did drop about 5lbs for Santa Rosa – which came right back on after the race. I live at right about 135lbs (well, fluctuates from 132lbs to 136lbs). I’d like to run Mountains2Beach at 125lbs. Since I know losing weight during marathon training is nearly impossible, I’d like to use the next 3 months to drop the weight.

So that’s the beginnings of The Plan.

Have you ever tried to get faster for a marathon? What worked for you?

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