November 20, 2015: Run Selfies

I see some awesome running selfies on Instagram, my preferred social-media platform. And I always wonder how they happen. When I try to do something creative it starts to feel so staged, and then I’m all “well that’s not very authentic to what actually happened on my run” and so I don’t bother going much further than the standard, post-run “head-shot from above the shoulders.”

Right? Pretty dull. And even then, I’m always looking around to make sure there aren’t any runners (or walkers, or humans) around that might see what I’m doing and judge me. Which makes no sense at all since I then promptly upload the selfie for anyone to see. I guess I feel justified because there are typically numbers under the selfie that indicate some kind of mileage accomplishment. Like that makes stopping mid-run to pose for a picture NOT a snark-worthy, eye-roll worthy behavior.

Well whatever. I’m not gonna stop. Keeps me accountable. If it helps anyone else (other people’s running selfies do, in fact, give me a lift at times, and at other times simply remind me that I need to get my ass out there). I love the run-selfie community!

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