February 22, 2016: Jumping back into beast mode

Training log: 6 miles: 1 mile at HMP pace:Monday Mode

Me and my dorky love…


Today is Day 2 of Mountains2Beach “Boston-or-Bust” marathon training. After what seems like a super  quick recovery week last week from my very slow LA Marathon journey, I’m back in the marathon training craziness.

I have 14 weeks until race day – 90 more days!   

I’ve been reaching back into my old training plans in order to utilize what worked, and drop what didn’t. Without getting into too much detail, here is what my typical training week will look like:

  • Sunday: Short trail run: 3-5 miles. No pace expectations. Just stay fully focused, don’t trip, keep moving forward. Strength training afterwards, time permitting.
  • Monday: Sorta-long run: 6-10 miles. Easy, “Zone 1” pace (140-151 bpm) EXCEPT for 1 mile, any mile, run at HMP (which is 8:21).
  • Tuesday: Short run: 3-5 miles. Easy, “Zone 1” pace (140-151 bpm) .
  • Wednesday: Hills or 800s. Strength training in the evening, time permitting.
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Sorta-long run: 6-10 miles, work up to MP (8:47) after a 2-3 mile warm up.
  • Saturday: Long run: 16-20 miles; Easy “Zone 1” pace (140-151) except for the last 25% of run, to be run at MP (8:47).

Okay – here are my honest thoughts about this plan, dream, and journey:

  1. I hope I don’t get injured. I really really really hope that doesn’t happen. Major injury. Minor injury. Overuse injury. Trips and falls.
  2. I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t reach my goal at this race. I’m a runner everyday, for life.
  3. I just want to leave the best race I can possible run on the course that day.
  4. Did I mention that I hope I do not get injured?
  5. I need to drop 10lbs. It simply has to happen.

And here we go!


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