June 12, 2016: I need to drop this bowling ball

And by bowling ball, I mean this excess 10lbs I’m carrying around.

Why? Because I’ve gained a solid 5lbs from my last, never-ending marathon training cycle. And I wanted to be 5lbs lighter than that to begin with. So…while I’m still in this wonderful fog of “will I, won’t I” go for another fast marathon finish, why not experiment with my caloric intake.

Last week I did a quick Clean Program based cleanse, just to help me adjust my appetite down. I think it helped but the truth is, since I did my first Clean cleanse a few years ago, I’ve adhered (about 80/20) to a clean diet, so I don’t experience the dramatic changes in weight and overall well being from the cleanse that I did the first time. I guess that’s good.

I lost about 26lbs super fast when I first did the cleanse. No, not all the weight was lost during the 21-day cleanse, but I kept up the clean eating habits from the cleanse and eventually got down to 130lbs, a weight that, while I’m not super skinny at, I’m still super happy at.

And the weight stayed off for a few years (I think rapid weight loss just works better for me, honestly; everyone is different). But with all the marathon training during the last 2 years, the weight has crept on. I want to race at 125lbs. Instead I’ve been racing (and staying) at closer to 135lbs. And it isn’t muscle.

I’m burying the lead here. I’m jumping into the “Every Other Day” diet. I’ll give it a try for the next 3 weeks and see how it feels. Today is a “fast” day (500 calories – hardly a fast but I’ll be hungry nevertheless). On the non-fast days, I play to adhere to my typical 80/20 clean eating habits. As I ease back into some intensity with the training, it will be interesting to see how this impacts my workouts. I’ll be following the Run Less Run Faster plan – so only 3 high-intensity runs per week, and I’ll match those up with the diet in what seems like a logical way: eating the day before a workout; fasting the day of my (typically early morning) workout.

I did waste the first 100 calories on lactose-free creamer for my coffee. Well, is waste the right word? I’m having some Clean Eating Skillet Spaghetti (I use Tinkyada Brown Rice Spaghetti noodles instead of whole wheat, and I use beef instead of turkey) for my one meal (a late lunch). I’ve already run and completed my strength training today. So we will see what the day brings.

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