Who is she?

KimMy name is Kim, and I am a runner. Everyday.

I’m also a mother, a wife, and a million other things. But here my focus is my role as a runner. So here are the goods on me as a runner:

  • Age I first started running: 12 (with a few gap years here and there).
  • Why there were gaps: moves, school, divorce.
  • Years I ran cross country in high school: 1.
  • Triathlons completed: 1 – Mountain Man Triathlon in 1996.
  • Marathons completed: 17 (PR in current age group = 3:56:50).
  • Half marathons completed:39 (PR in current age group = 1:56:42).
  • 5ks & 10ks completed: I haven’t paid attention because I generally just run those for fun).
  • Ragnar Trail Relays completed: 5 – Vail Lake 2015, Lake Tahoe 2017, Los Coyotes 2017, Los Coyotes 2018, Los Coyotes 2019.
  • Ultra-marathons: 3 – Jackpot Ultra 6 hour event (35 miles), 12 hour event x 2 (51 miles, 52 miles).

My heart will always love road running. That said, I cannot imagine not running on a trail on a regular basis.

I suck at being consistent with weight training, but I’m getting better.

I have a love hate with speed work: I enjoy tempo workouts, but dread laps.

I try to keep at least 80% of my diet “clean” and about 60% plant-based. And I do enjoy my tequila!

I’m just using this blog to share my running journey. Runners come in all shapes, sizes, beliefs, and attitudes, so some of what I write might resonate with some, and other things will resonate with nobody. Hopefully I can be entertaining, if not a bit informative!

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