Clean vs. Tequila

January 4, 2018

Miles run: 0
2018 total: 12.7/2018
Days without spending money: 1/365 <— WOW

Fourteen days ago I started a 21 day cleanse – called the Clean Program. This is the third time I’ve done this program; the first time I lost over 25lbs – not in 21 days. The 21 days kickstarted the weight loss, and it took a few more weeks to get down to my goal weight. A year later I did it again, to reset my weight. A couple of weeks ago I felt like first, I wanted to reset my weight after months and months of marathon training, and second, I wanted to enter 2018 nice and clean and detoxed.

ButWhyI won’t lie; I felt like total horseshit during the first 36 hours; my dependence on caffeine has become intense, and the headache from caffeine withdrawal was worse than any hunger pain I imagined I would experience. After that, the cleanse became really, well, cleansing. My energy is low, but my focus is so sharp! I know, it seems contradictory, but its true. I love having my brain working so well; but I hate slogging through my day, my running, feeling as though I’m going to topple over.

I won’t lie; I “cheated” a couple of times. On New Years’ Eve I allowed “a” sip of tequila. I love tequila; did you know? Well I do. And I did on NYE. One other time too; I can give up dairy, cheese, wheat, gluten, white rice, nightshades (no tomatoes, no potatoes), processed foods, you name it. But tequila? That one; well, that one hurts.

Have you ever cleansed? Finished Whole 30? Sugar Detoxed? How did it make you feel?


That cute little pug photo is by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Running in circles

Miles run: 5
2018 total: 17.7/2018
Days without spending money: 1/365

Behold, the cul-de-sac where I ensure that all of my road runs end on whole number. My neighbors may think I have a screw or two loose. Or maybe they don’t. Who knows?

Daily Check in: January 2, 2018

January 2, 2018

Miles run: 3
2018 total: 7/2018
Days without spending money: 0/365

Full moon. Like a harbinger of doom…

Sometimes just a quick check in will do.

The run: My legs hate running in the dark, cold of early winter mornings. Got it done. No goals other than getting 3 miles done.

Spending: Today was the day to pay bills. That’s just life.

My sanity: It only took 2 hours at work for my “equanimity” goal to be tested. Outwardly, I was fine. Inwardly, I failed. It’s okay, though. I’m not going to beat myself up (anymore; I spent the rest of the work day doing that).

What I learned today: I learned how to use css to create a sliding accordian menu. Exciting right? No really, it was totally exciting.

What did you learn today?