January 2, 2016: Trippin’

January 2, 2016 Training Log:

  • Type: Fast Finish Long Run (fast finish didn’t happen)
  • Miles: 10ish
  • Time: 1:41ish

What’s with the “ish?” Just past mile 9 of this morning’s run, we were crossing a street and I tripped and fell.

Okay, let me flesh out some details there; we did not cross the street at the intersection that I ALWAYS cross the street at. Why? My hubby, who I was running with, didn’t want to wait for the light. Since it was early and there were few cars on the road, he wanted to cross further up (like, as in jaywalking). So when the street was clear, we dashed across the street. And I tripped and fell.

I am a notorious tripper. I just am. It happens when I’m tired, or when I’m zoned out on music or a podcast, or when I’m otherwise distracted and not paying attention to the path below my feet. I’ve tripped on the tiniest pebbles. In fact, I have tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. Today, I think the very idea that we were jaywalking (my rule-following brain was short-circuiting from the idea) was such a distraction than when it was time to cross, seeing that there was no traffic anywhere, I decided that I needed to dash across the street as if my very life depended on it. And in my sloppy, tired (mile 9 of 10), partially-blinded-by-glaring-sunlight attempt to cross, I failed to consider the various lane markers and bumps that sat between me and the other side of the road. And just like that – SPLAT!

And then I totally freaked out. Splayed out face down on the ground, I rolled over and cried for help. I think it sounded like HELP ME UP – HELP ME UP – GET ME OUT OF THE STREET – WAH WAH WAH!! Something like that. Because that split second fall happened in slow motion for me, and it seemed like many minutes had already passed from the time I’d left the side of the road to the time I hit the ground; as a result, I was certain there must be a car approaching, ready to barrel over me!

Once at the side of the road, I sobbed like a baby for a minute – I was FREAKED out. My hand was throbbing; my knees were throbbing; my chest was throbbing. As I assessed the damage, I figured that the places on my body that were throbbing had actually landed on the lane markers when I fell. I figure I must have hit those lane markers – and the asphalt – at about 6-7mph. DAMN those hurt!

It was a shitty way to end an otherwise beautiful run. I posted a run selfie on Instagram from about mile 3 of the run. The sky was clear, the weather gorgeous, and I was feeling great and loving my run. I prefer to remember it that way, even as my body stings with pain hours later!

Are you a tripper?

October 17, 2015: When you feel a pain in your arch…

I’m lucky, extremely lucky, that my running injuries have been minor, treatable injuries that really needed no more than rest, ice and patience. I try to pay attention to every twinge early on – I refer to it as my “systems check” – and address issues right away.

I’ve never (knocking hard on wood) had an issue with Plantar Fasciitis – sometimes my arches are sore and I immediately roll them, massage them, etc. Luckily I’ve never been hit with PF and, after training to run 4 marathons over the last year and a half (three of them BQ times), I was surprised to not have more than some minor shin splints.

Since Santa Rosa almost 2 months ago, I haven’t put in high mileage weeks. I did beat myself up pretty good at Ragnar Vail Lake, and during my recovery from that adventure I noticed a horrible, painful ‘tearing’ on my right arch, right at the ball of my right foot. It wasn’t happening when I was running, but whenever I stretched my foot I’d feel this tear. It was more than just an ache – it was a “ripping” sensation, and sharp.

As if reading my mind, one of my friends on posted this video on Facebook Mob:ility Mastery: Learn the ONE Stretch That Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Achilles Pain, Heel Pain and Compartment Syndrome. And can I tell you something? While this stretch is one of most painful things I’ve ever done on my foam roller, after trying this just once, the tearing disappeared. Seriously. Gone.

I’ve been doing this once a day for the past week and my calves feel amazing, my shin splints are fading. It’s just way too amazing not to share it. I highly, highly, highly recommend checking this video out (disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form a doctor or any type of medical practitioner, I just know what worked for me).